Monday, November 10, 2014

Sister J cooks for the young missionaries every Friday.  Elder Farnsworth from Ohio volunteered to help with the cooking.  This doesn't happen every week.
 Sometimes when one of the young missionaries helps they stay for a few minutes and then they are off to visit with the other missionaries.  Elder Farnsworth stuck in there for 30 minutes.  Did a great job.  He also likes to fix up cars so he and Elder J have lots to talk about.
 These YSA sisters wanted to come to our apartment and get started on a Christmas project for an orphanage.  You can't start a project like that on an empty stomach.
 They made sock monkeys.  Many more to make but this was a good start.
 Aren't they cute?  They look like some of our grandchildren, made us homesick.
 The institute class has grown, we may have to move into a larger classroom.  Just right for now.  The fellow in the black coat was baptized a few months ago.  The young fellow in the plaid shirt will be going on a mission this next summer, so will the sister next to him who is from Mongolia.  The sister sitting at the far right is in the missionary application process.  All three of the prospective missionaries speak English.  The class is in Russian so Sister J and I read our scriptures during this time and on occasion they will ask us a question.
This is the Sacrament prayer on the water in Russian.  This past Sunday I gave the prayer.  I was quite nervous but all went well.

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  1. Nice job on the prayer Mike....Wow! And I love the sock moneys!!!!!! Jeanne