Saturday, November 29, 2014

 In front of the church.  As they shovel the snow it just piles up, higher and higher.

 This is a nice two story church, one of three in our mission, the others are rented buildings.

 The city roads are snowy and slick but the drivers don't slow down much.

 The city buses continue to run.

 We went out in the country with the Sisters to see Sister J's favorite Babushka.

 One of the Sisters went into the woods to help Sister J cut some boughs.

 Sister J is right in her element, although she hates the cold.  The temp was about -18 F with a wind-chill of -31 F.

 We did some shoveling to make the walk to the road easier.

 The white you see on my face and the black scarf is frost.

 Thanksgiving dinner at the mission home.  Good to see so many of the the young missionaries and the other senior couples.

 After dinner it's back into the cold.  One last picture before puting the hoods up.

 Ok, now it's hoods up.

 It's a long cold, lonely road back to Tomck.

 Yes, there are some slick spots along the way.

Fun to go on trips but always nice to come home.


  1. Even though its cold it sure does look beautiful. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and we sure do love you both.

  2. Sister Merrilyn J, have you not just passed another birthday? I know you have, and I know how old you are. Catching up with me, sort of.
    Happy birthday to you, you good girl, you. And carry on.
    Carol Schiess

  3. Why do I keep thinking about Dr. Zhivago?