Wednesday, October 29, 2014

 We had to leave the country of Russia to renew our visas and we had a 5 hour layover in Moscow.  Some friends met us at the airport and off we went to see some of Moscow.  Behind us is the Bolshoi Theater.
 This is the entrance into Red Square.
 St. Basile church which is an icon at Red Square.
 Behind the red wall is the Kremlin.
 In Red Square in front of the Kremlin is Lenin's tomb.  The tomb was not open when we were there.
 A large church next to the entrance at Red Square.
 St. Basile church is really quite pretty and so we decided to take a brief tour inside.   In addition to three men singing or chanting we saw some beautiful art work and paintings.
 Looking straight up into one of the towers.
 Sister J in front of some of the the art work.
We would not have even tried to find Red Square without our dear friends the Roper's who are serving in Moscow as Humanitarian Missionaries.  They were kind enough to take some of their "P" day to show us around.  They are from Orem, UT and will return home the end of April.  Sister J and Sister Roper worked together 42 years ago in Provo, Utah Valley Hospital.  Who would have thought all those years ago we would be serving in Russia together as missionaries and be standing on Red Square.

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