Wednesday, October 29, 2014

 We had to leave the country of Russia to renew our visas and we had a 5 hour layover in Moscow.  Some friends met us at the airport and off we went to see some of Moscow.  Behind us is the Bolshoi Theater.
 This is the entrance into Red Square.
 St. Basile church which is an icon at Red Square.
 Behind the red wall is the Kremlin.
 In Red Square in front of the Kremlin is Lenin's tomb.  The tomb was not open when we were there.
 A large church next to the entrance at Red Square.
 St. Basile church is really quite pretty and so we decided to take a brief tour inside.   In addition to three men singing or chanting we saw some beautiful art work and paintings.
 Looking straight up into one of the towers.
 Sister J in front of some of the the art work.
We would not have even tried to find Red Square without our dear friends the Roper's who are serving in Moscow as Humanitarian Missionaries.  They were kind enough to take some of their "P" day to show us around.  They are from Orem, UT and will return home the end of April.  Sister J and Sister Roper worked together 42 years ago in Provo, Utah Valley Hospital.  Who would have thought all those years ago we would be serving in Russia together as missionaries and be standing on Red Square.

Friday, October 17, 2014

 Humanitarian Missionaries, Elder & Sister Roper, out of Moscow, far left, came to Tomck with some medical missionaries who were involved in teaching a program about helping new born babies.  While the training was going on the Humanitarian Missionaries invited us and the young sister missionaries (our translators) to visit a Veterans facility.  We had a wonderful meeting but their needs were not within the scope of what we could do for them.
 We then went to an orphanage to assess their needs and it appears we can help them.
 Looking out the orphanage window, Oct 16, 2014.
 A beautiful glass window in the orphanage.
Sister Jefferies and Sister Roper.  When we first met with the Roper's, Sister Roper said she had worked with a Merrilyn Jefferies many years ago.  She said she worked as a nurse in the Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, Utah.  Merrilyn said, "That was me."  42 years ago they worked together for about 6 months when we were first married.  And now, all these years later, reconnected serving missions in Russia.  Small world, especially in the church.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

 Elder J went to the Institute class that we have on Wednesday evenings at the church building.  Next week we will meet in our apartment.  The building only has space heaters.
 At the same time Sister J went to the yoga class in the same building.
 We met a young lady at the local grocery store.  We have become friends and we had her over for dinner.  She speaks no English and we speak very little Russian.  Many tall girls here in Russia.  She is not wearing shoes, Russian custom is to take shoes off when entering a home.  She was wearing 4" heals this evening so you can imagine how tall she was with shoes on.
 We invited our Russian friend that speaks English to help us out.  Great evening.
We are the first Americans she has met.  Beautiful girl, we wish we could communicate without a translator.
 This is a war memorial park from 1941 - 1945.  USA and Russia worked together to defeat Germany.
 This is a peaceful place with music playing, beautiful memorial.
 Very large statues, also good place for the birds to land.
 Right next to the Tom river.
 Names of those from Tomck who gave their lives are listed on these memorials.  Thousands of names.

 This was a special memorial for the heroes during that time period.
 This is a mall where we go shopping called Emerald City.
 Complete with Wizard of Oz statue
 We found this store that is sort of like a Costco but not really.  Need a membership card and too far from our apartment.  Fun to look around.
Did I say fun to look around, Sister J can always find something we "need."