Saturday, July 26, 2014

 We took a train from our hotel to downtown Helsinki en route to the airport before leaving.  These trains are fast and smooth and make very few stops.  They do have a slower train that makes all the stops.  They have 4 sets of tracks two in each direction.  Lots of public transportation, trains, buses, and trolley's.
 Train station in downtown Helsinki.
 Modern buildings mixed with older looking architecture.
 The town square was all being renovated so in a year or so it will all look very nice.

 Jacob, this picture is for you.  Several buildings had advertising on the roofs.

We only spent about an hour and a half in downtown then hopped a bus for the airport.  From our home in Tomsk Russia we passed through 4 time zones to Helsinki.  Three time zones from Tomsk to Moscow and one from Moscow to Helsinki.  A four hour flight in a Boeing 737 from Tomsk to Moscow, that's how long it take to fly across the United States.  It was an hour and a half from Moscow to Helsinki.  Russia is big.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

 The hotel where we stayed in Finland had bikes you could take for two hours, so off we went.

 We went on some back country roads, beautiful and quiet.

 This is a typical Green girl family pose.
 This is our first selfie picture.

 On the back roads we came to this horse stable.

 Merrilyn misses being on the farm, she jumped right in.

 While in Helsinki Finland we stayed in this hotel.  About 30 minute walk from the temple.
The temple is in the suburb of Leppavaara, North west of Helsinki.  Beautiful, clean streets.
 On our walk to the temple.  Great weather, clean streets, and a pleasant walk.
 The walking path goes along the road but also has fields of grain.
 People are out walking or riding bikes on the paths.
 A view of the Helsinki temple from the walking path.

 Temple grounds are beautiful

 Merrilyn in front of the temple door.  What a pleasant and relaxing time.

They have temple housing but it was full so we stayed in the hotel.  They also have a limited distribution center in this building.  Mostly temple clothes and garments available.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

 Our district had a training meeting with the Sister Training Leaders, the two sister on the right.
 Great sisters, Sister Hansen and Sister Seelos.
 We went to Novosibirsk for Sister J and Elder Aubrey to get some dental work done.  I just love these domed churches.

 At the dental office waiting room.  Notice the blue booties?  When you come in the front door they have you put on these booties to help keep the place clean.  Sister J, Elder Prince, Elder Aubrey, and Elder Miller.  Elders Prince and Miller are office Elders that helped us get to the right place and translate for Sister J.
 While walking around we spotted this Lion?  Small but who knows?
 Then he turned around, cute little dog with a way cool hair cut.
Something about Russia that brings the lion out in dogs.