Monday, November 17, 2014

 This is our world for the next several months.  It has snowed a few inches but will never get warm enough to melt until spring.  More snow will fall and it will just accumulate.
 This in the lake in the park across from our apartment.  Pretty soon, we've been told, they will begin skating on the lake.
 This is the entrance to the park.  Notice the lights.
 Sister J and our Russian friend who does a lot of translating for us.
 Remember the lights in the park.  It's now 6pm in the evening.  Total darkness.
 This past Saturday and Sunday we went to a neighboring town that has a group headed by one of the Elders.  We stayed in a very nice motel, great bed, would like to take it back to Tomsk.
 While waiting for a bus Sister J found a lady selling frozen fish.  Not really my thing.
 The group is small with about 15 to 20 members.  Average attendance is about 10 or 12.
 This is the chapel and a little boy is hiding behind the podium.
 This is one of the few families that are in the group.  Several years ago this man was the group leader and then they moved.  Now they can only attend on occasion because they live some distance from the city.
 We are just getting ready to board the bus headed back to Tomsk.  That is Sister J on the far left.  They don't give you much time to board and then off they go.
 Several buses boarding at the same time.  We've got it all figured out now, you wouldn't want to board the wrong bus.  They do have someone taking tickets so pretty had to get on the wrong bus.
 Along the way in one of the villages there was this typical Russian church.  They are everywhere and I love the look.
 Elder J with his winter boots.  Actually they are overboots that go on over your shoes.  Nice and warm.  Sister J doesn't like them, I think she is jealous.
 Now that it has turn cold the fur coats come out.  Notice the fur coat on the far right.  Notice the lady on the left, she is wearing heels.  Not unusual even in the snow.
Mother and daughter, hard to tell but the mother has a fur coat.  Sister J keeps telling me her birthday is coming up soon.

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