Thursday, October 9, 2014

 This is a war memorial park from 1941 - 1945.  USA and Russia worked together to defeat Germany.
 This is a peaceful place with music playing, beautiful memorial.
 Very large statues, also good place for the birds to land.
 Right next to the Tom river.
 Names of those from Tomck who gave their lives are listed on these memorials.  Thousands of names.

 This was a special memorial for the heroes during that time period.
 This is a mall where we go shopping called Emerald City.
 Complete with Wizard of Oz statue
 We found this store that is sort of like a Costco but not really.  Need a membership card and too far from our apartment.  Fun to look around.
Did I say fun to look around, Sister J can always find something we "need."

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  1. You look like Dad in the picture above. I know he is proud of you. I am too. Love you, Jeanne