Friday, October 17, 2014

 Humanitarian Missionaries, Elder & Sister Roper, out of Moscow, far left, came to Tomck with some medical missionaries who were involved in teaching a program about helping new born babies.  While the training was going on the Humanitarian Missionaries invited us and the young sister missionaries (our translators) to visit a Veterans facility.  We had a wonderful meeting but their needs were not within the scope of what we could do for them.
 We then went to an orphanage to assess their needs and it appears we can help them.
 Looking out the orphanage window, Oct 16, 2014.
 A beautiful glass window in the orphanage.
Sister Jefferies and Sister Roper.  When we first met with the Roper's, Sister Roper said she had worked with a Merrilyn Jefferies many years ago.  She said she worked as a nurse in the Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, Utah.  Merrilyn said, "That was me."  42 years ago they worked together for about 6 months when we were first married.  And now, all these years later, reconnected serving missions in Russia.  Small world, especially in the church.

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