Tuesday, September 30, 2014

 Some of the young Elders wanted to visit the sister who lives in the country so back we went.
 We had a good visit and the young Elders gained a greater appreciation for this sister and how she lives.
 While we were there we pulled water from her well and filled the reservoir with a weeks worth of water.

 These two sister are good friends.
 The is the kitchen of her house.
 The other room of the house is a combination bedroom, living room and dining room.
 Sister J visiting the toilet, to the right attached to the house is the sauna.
 In the back part of the property is a tin shed.  The sister told us she lived there for one winter while the house was being built.  From her knees down she said it was very cold but she was nice and warm above her knees.
She does have a sauna and the young Elders had to see what it was like.

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