Saturday, July 26, 2014

 We took a train from our hotel to downtown Helsinki en route to the airport before leaving.  These trains are fast and smooth and make very few stops.  They do have a slower train that makes all the stops.  They have 4 sets of tracks two in each direction.  Lots of public transportation, trains, buses, and trolley's.
 Train station in downtown Helsinki.
 Modern buildings mixed with older looking architecture.
 The town square was all being renovated so in a year or so it will all look very nice.

 Jacob, this picture is for you.  Several buildings had advertising on the roofs.

We only spent about an hour and a half in downtown then hopped a bus for the airport.  From our home in Tomsk Russia we passed through 4 time zones to Helsinki.  Three time zones from Tomsk to Moscow and one from Moscow to Helsinki.  A four hour flight in a Boeing 737 from Tomsk to Moscow, that's how long it take to fly across the United States.  It was an hour and a half from Moscow to Helsinki.  Russia is big.

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