Thursday, July 17, 2014

 Our district had a training meeting with the Sister Training Leaders, the two sister on the right.
 Great sisters, Sister Hansen and Sister Seelos.
 We went to Novosibirsk for Sister J and Elder Aubrey to get some dental work done.  I just love these domed churches.

 At the dental office waiting room.  Notice the blue booties?  When you come in the front door they have you put on these booties to help keep the place clean.  Sister J, Elder Prince, Elder Aubrey, and Elder Miller.  Elders Prince and Miller are office Elders that helped us get to the right place and translate for Sister J.
 While walking around we spotted this Lion?  Small but who knows?
 Then he turned around, cute little dog with a way cool hair cut.
Something about Russia that brings the lion out in dogs.

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