Saturday, June 14, 2014

 While in Novosibirsk we went to an open shopping area which covers a city block. This was the dried fruit and nuts section.
 This was the meat section.
 Shop after shop both outside and inside.
 Vending machine egg dispensers.  They come 10 to a carton and that is true whether you buy in a regular store or out of a vending machine.
This store is called Bazar, we are starting to be able to read some of the signs.  We usually don't know what it means but this name had a familiar ring.


  1. We are loving all your pictures. Keep them coming! We're so proud of you both for serving a mission.

  2. I have never heard or seen an egg vending machine! That's pretty awesome!! I love your pic in front of the nuts and dried fruit! You both look SO happy! I sure think of you often and miss you!